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Hello? I Can't Hear You...

The noise of a crowd. It's deafening.

Especially to your prospects that need you but can't find you.

The #1 killer of business may be obscurity, but the #2 killer is being, sounding, and feeling like every other person in your industry.


Because we can’t simply shout louder over the noise of a crowded industry and expect to be noticed, especially if we are shouting the same message as everyone else.

We have to be saying something different, meaning something different, and feeling something different in order to rise above the sea of sameness.

It's time to shine. You ready?

Why Do I Care?

Because I’m on a mission.

It’s a dagger to my soul each time I see an amazing solopreneur with a heart and business of gold unable to get the time of day from their ideal prospect because they lack the skill, message or confidence to drive the desire and curiosity required to get their ideal prospects to take action.

After years of overcompensating with ego and professionalism, we become too afraid to fail and mortified of success, as we forget our most valuable asset: Ourselves.

No more.

I'm on a mission to raise the expectation, authenticity, and profit of every talented solopreneur until they are out of the grind of sales and into the flow of connection.

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What's Your ROC?

Stop selling. Start profiting.

If you're making less than $250,000 per year, you don't need marketing. You need coaching on how to become profitable.

"It's not how much it costs, it's how much it's worth."

Yes, of course, we all know this maxim.

It begs the questions that we ask ourselves every day. Are the blood, sweat, tears worth it? Is the time, energy, and money I'm putting into marketing ever going to pan out? What the freaking freak am I doing?

I have a better question.  What's your Return On Conversation? 

In other words, what kind of business first impression are you making?  Is it compelling or repelling? 

More to the point, do you have the mindset, skill, and self-worth to profit from each and every conversation - without throwing dollars down the funnel with impersonal marketing?

How To Shine Above The Crowd


Your Brand.

Don't create one, dis-cover it. People are thirsty for authenticity. They simply no longer care what you know until they know why you care.

The key is to be crystal clear on why you exist, because if you're not clear, how can you expect your prospects to be?


The Emotion.

Stop barfing on people and start connecting with them in their head and heart. People buy on emotion and justify it later with logic.

The key here is to transfer your brand into the mind of others. Words and images are good. Confidence and conviction are better.

Are you treating your business like a commodity, whether or not it is? If you're competing on cost, speed, or quality alone, you're missing the boat.

Creating brand assets, like a signature service, not only allows you to charge a premium, but makes it impossible for anyone else to duplicate it.

Monetize Your


What They Say...

Before meeting Josh, I was struggling to get a grasp of my target message and within 15-20 minutes, I was convinced he was the person to take over my business for a few weeks and give me that clarity that was needed. And he delivered.

Thanks to Josh, I have a [brand] manifesto that provides clarity about my brand, my target audience, and even about me as a coach.

As an EQ coach, he demonstrated all the different elements required for someone to succeed. He's fun, light-hearted and he will not put pressure...because there has to be a flow."

Deborah C.

Emotion Connector

Once we started working together, I was amazed by how quickly Josh transformed my wordy first draft into an effective and targeted message. Josh seems to have a natural strength for helping people organize their thoughts and simplify the steps they need to take in order to accomplish their goals.

He has an optimistic energy and makes success attainable by following just a few steps, which he conveniently laid out.

But Josh hasn't stopped there. He continually offers to help, and sends his tips for closing the deals with personal contact. We would glowingly recommend Josh to any organization.

Dena H.

Chautauqua Safety Village

Oh wow, I can say so much about Josh. He is a person with lots of energy and it comes through as he is helping you.

Josh was very instrumental in helping me to feel more confident in my ability to reach people and to inspire them to take action. He taught me how to be more directive in my approach to speaking. I learned so much from him, and really appreciate the time that we spent together.

 If I could I would definitely work with him again on any project. I think Josh really loves what he does. Josh told me that" it's all about me now", but I know that had it not been for him, I would not think that I could do a presentation with such an impact.

Darryle B.

Transitions Family Violence Center


Out of the grind of sales and into the flow of connection (and profit.)