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Do you have a personal brand?

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Were you ever told, like me, that you can either have a great business or a great home life, but not both? Or perhaps that you can either love what you do or make lots of money?


The biggest lie we've ever been told is that we must keep business separate from our personal lives. Maybe in Corporate America or 1985 Harvard Business School, but in 20th year of the 21st century, nothing could be more misleading and impoverishing.

After all, if your life isn't your business, whose business is it?

Your personal brand is the unique approach to building an authentic business based on the concept that life and business are inextricably linked. They cannot be separated, nor should they be. Not only will making money become fun again, but profit

Look, people want to know why you care before they care what you know.

So if we try to build a business without bringing our authentic and genuine selves to the message, we will be ignored, lost, and stressed out faster than you can say "Going out of business!"


I Don't Know

I need to find myself again. What I do know is that what I'm doing now isn't working. I'm ready to escape this trap and dis-cover my authentic self in order to begin getting paid for being me.

I know what I am and my value to the world, but haven't figured out how to clarify my identity and message my brand to the world in a monetizeable way.


I love the '80s so much that I haven't gotten around to creating a strong virtual presence. I don't even have a virtual first impression, never mind making it a great one.


I'm authentic, articulate, passionate, and profitable and need specific genius and guidance to help me launch my life and business to the next level.



Why Do I Care?

Simple. I was you!

I grew up as a soldier. The good soldier. I did everything asked of me, from going to school to getting multiple degrees to getting that infamous "safe and secure" job.

I climbed the corporate ladder as an engineer and manager and socked money away into my 401(k). Overall, I was very successful. I never even had a case of the Mondays.

And then one day, everything I thought was right, wasn't so right. I wasn't as wealthy as I wanted to be, I wasn't happy as I needed to be, and I sure as heck wasn't free (my new favorite F-word.) I wanted to escape.

So I did.

After I left the rat race, I was doing well in various businesses. But still something wasn't right. I kept spending my time doing what I loved, not what was making money.

And then it hit me (I won't tell you where.)

Why am I choosing between making money and my true talents and passions? I have value, dammit, and I should be compensated accordingly.

So I asked the big question: Why can't I get paid for simply being me?

And I never looked back.

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How To Get Paid For Being You

Are YOU 100% clear on what you and your company does and why it exists? If not, how can you expect your future clients to be?

This is where we dig deep and dis-cover the authentic and bold brand that turns their head and draws them in.


○ Complete Brand Framework.

○ A unique identity that eliminates the competition.

○ Purpose, mission, and vision statements that make exclamations.

○ Brand story, voice, and psychology that hits them in the heart AND the head.

○ Brand positioning that ensures you are top of mind at the moment of need.

○ A Brand Manifesto that becomes your guiding light and constitution for all things strategy, marketing, and advertising.


Now it's time to take your ideal clients on a journey, from what keeps them up at night to how amazing their lives and businesses become after you help them.

Your message must be simple, clear, specific, and so mesmerizing that they can't say no. And it's not just what you say...

○ Storytelling that compels, not repels.

○ The perfect pitch, from 6 seconds to 6 minutes.

○ Your slogan, tagline, motto, jingle, and other mnemonic devices to garner attention and always remind them of you.

○ Your signature talk - positioning you as the expert.

○ Professional, persuasive copywriting that drives curiosity and desire - web, landing page, email, brochure, script, social media,.

○ Content creation that reinforces your brand message.

○ The keys to giving killer presentations with confidence and conviction.


Time to turn your passion into profits. This is all about creating assets, a.k.a. those things that make money or appreciate in value. What's great is that they can come from the most unlikely of places.

Remember, everything can be monetized if you can develop and transfer its value to others.

○ Creative marketing campaigns that make you memorable, including digital media ad creation and campaign guidance.

○ Brand integration with other parts of your business plan to keep you, your business, and your brand in alignment.

○ Signature service strategy for capturing client #1 and #1000.

○ Educational webinars and articles that create long-term value and brand loyalty.

○ How to crush any business or personal goal - from mindset to technique - so that success isn't probable, it's inevitable.

○ The simplicity of closing the sale, overcoming objections, and destroying the fear that prevents you from truly helping others.

Chautauqua Safety Village

From the onset, I was very impressed with Josh's unique profile and descriptions of his skillset and interests. His application to help me come up with a compelling letter I could send out to potential donors for our Safety Village lended a more personal approach. He conveyed a professional and confident personality that, as a not-for-profit organization toughing it out during this pandemic, we valued above all other applicants.

Once we started working together, I was amazed by how quickly Josh transformed my wordy first draft into an effective and targeted message. Josh seems to have a natural strength for helping people organize their thoughts and simplify the steps they need to take in order to accomplish their goals.

He has an optimistic energy and makes success attainable by following just a few steps, which he conveniently laid out. Thanks to his quick responses and communications via zoom and email, I have already distributed the letter to almost 100 potential sponsors.

But Josh hasn't stopped there. He continually offers to help, and sends his tips for closing the deals with personal contact. He even took it upon himself to write another letter we can use for our current donors. We would glowingly recommend Joshua to any organization looking to boost their promotional, communication, and organizational arenas. He's got what it takes to help build a business!

Dena H.

Oh wow, I can say so much about Josh. He is a person with lots of energy and it comes thru as he is helping you.

Josh was very instrumental in helping me to feel more confident in my ability to reach people and to inspire them to take action. He taught me how to be more directive in my approach to speaking. I learned so much from him, and really appreciate the time that we spent together.

His feedback and help in developing a PowerPoint that could be changed up and used for different audiences, was great. He would keep in constant contact and always replied to my emails. Josh has a lot of passion for helping people to have a delivery, that has an impact.

If I could I would definitely work with him again on any project. I think Josh really loves what he does. Josh told me that" it's all about me now", but I know that had it not been for him, I would not think that I could do a presentation with such an impact.

Getting people to change their views about domestic violence is important to me. I now know I can make an impact. Thanks Josh

Darryle B.

Transitions FVS


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