"The best is yet to come." - Sinatra

Have you ever felt that no matter how good you've gotten, that your best is just an opportunity, challenge, or inspiration away?

Yeah, me too.

Everything I've done pales in comparison to what I will do. However, I can only share the former and guarantee the latter.

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There we were.

On the precipice of making the leap from successful corporate careers into the abyss of entrepreneurship. After attending the right schools and joining the prestigious executive programs of the Fortune 500, we were finally ready to break free of the corporate cage and bring our brand expertise and years of hands-on experience to the world. This time, there would be no limits. Only a worthwhile legacy.

That’s when it hit us. The chaos. The noise. The stress. We had entered the hypercompetitive, overcrowded world of business and we were drowning. Well, more precisely, our voice was being drowned out by billion-dollar marketing budgets spewing impassive ads and creating an atmosphere of over-communication and distrust. How could we remove the high-dollar cloak of brand invisibility so that our future clients could find us?

It became abundantly clear that we weren’t going to advertise our way to success. Money wasn’t the answer. Instead, we understood that if we were to focus on customers who believe what we believe, build relationships with them, and connect them with our authentic brand, that success was not only possible, but inevitable.

So, we did.

After years of focused research, we created “The Guide.” Founded on the most advanced branding principles that the multi-billion-dollar brands use and adapted to the realities of entrepreneurship within an over-communicated market space, we developed a signature process to create all the necessary elements of an authentic brand:





The process was so simple and powerful that we watched as our clients built the clarity, confidence, and conviction to become stronger believers in their mission, purpose, and business. This authentic brand, ultimately captured in their unique brand “bible”, would shine through the noise and amplify their business to a targeted audience of clients, supporters, and raving fans.

But success hasn’t deafened us. We still hear voices.

We hear the drowning voices of entrepreneurs. Those with another great idea that nobody will ever hear. The ones that did everything right but will never connect with their ideal client. That once-in-a-lifetime idea that will never see the light of day. And with them, the all-too-common anger, fear, and frustration.

Our passion (and mission) is simple. Help these trailblazers build the authentic brand to break through the noise, amplify their value to the world, and develop the dedicated audience that no amount of money can buy.

Why? It’s our legacy.


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Personal Mission Statement

I am a hope warrior who paints strength and richness into the hearts, minds, and bellies of families, with joy, integrity, and tenacity, so that they can live full and limitless lives.

Sunny recently rediscovered, and has already started articulating, her dream of ensuring kids have the nutrition to learn. She's worked hard to make it real and it all started with clarity of mission.


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