"We always get from life what we feel we deserve."

It's the last thing any of us wants to hear, but it's the one truth that could and should guide us.

Like nature, when we grow corn, it's only because we planted corn seeds, whether we intended to or not.

Same in business. Most of us are worth FAR more than we are receiving, but we haven't built the mindset, skills, or self-worth (identity) required to realize that value.

Sometimes it takes a dedicated seed program, sometimes it's a change of environment, and sometimes it's the ability to weather the storm.

This is the trifecta of becoming profitable.

The Harvest Is Never Wrong.

Raise Expectation, Authenticity, and Profit

The REAP programs are designed to get us out of the mode of selling and into the idea of profiting by making us better - in our skills, beliefs, and expectations.

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