"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." - Voltaire

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The word Discover comes from from Latin dis- (expressing reversal) + cooperire ‘cover completely’. Don't take this word lightly. It is the one word that defines the process of developing a powerful and authentic brand.

But first things first. I not only believe, but can prove, the following:

1. We were all born as entrepreneurs (our natural state.)

2. We all come from the same source (of greatness.)

3. We were conditioned to fail/lose and shirk/hide our value.

So we don't need to "find" our personal brand, we just need to let it come to the surface. It's the process of DIScovering it that allows it to see the light of day, shine so brightly that it cannot be ignored by our ideal client, and provide the foundation for a successful enterprise. You.

This option is for those ready to be honest with themselves, their business, and with every single future client in the world so that they can get paid what they're truly worth.

The Results

The Process

Your Investment

✪ Personal Elements:

- Genius/Skills/Passions Assessment

- Purpose Statement

      - Mission Statement

      - Vision Statement

✪ Brand Elements:

      - Brand Story

      - Brand Promise

      - Brand Identity

      - Brand Values

      - Brand Voice and Personality

      - Brand Positioning and UVP

✪ Signature Service Ideation

(your potential monetization paths)

✪ Your Brand Manifesto, the foundation for every Marketing, Advertising, and Creation strategy

✪ The clarity needed to be excited about life again and the energy and focus required to go fast in business.

1. We hold an onboarding discussion to determine precise milestones and goals for working together.

2. You complete the Brand Discovery Questionnaire.

3. We review the questionnaire and perform the initial interview as we begin the discovery process.

4. We meet regularly to work on each milestone and deliverable. Ideation, collaboration, and creation flows freely during these meetings.

5. We summarize with the creation of your Brand Manifesto, essentially your quick reference brand bible.

6. We smile at success and celebrate your future.


Approximate duration: 6-12 weeks

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So now you're a champ, right?

You are crystal clear on why you get out of bed each morning (other than your alarm clock!)

You understand your value and how you will help people with it.

...and then you stumble when someone asks, "What do you do?"

Don't feel bad. We've all been there (even if many of us are still there.) If you consider that our minds operate with images and visions, it should not be surprising why we stumble to put that visual energy into clear and concise messages.

Articulation is this exact ability to transfer what's in your mind to the minds of others so that they can experience every aspect of you and your brand, even without you saying a word.

With proper brand clarity, we can now translate the most complex of brands and businesses into the most simplest of messages. Messages that speak directly to your ideal client in a way they can understand. Essentially, authority without the ego.

This option is for those brands that need to simplify and specify their message in a way that makes people thirsty to learn more and compelled to take action.

The Results

The Process

Your Investment

✪ Presentation:

- "What do you do?" answer

- 1 minute networking pitch

      - 10 minute signature talk

      - 5 hours live coaching

✪ Copywriting (up to 20 hours):

      - Website/blog

      - Emails

      - Pitch deck/PPT

      - Social Media Profiles

      - Taglines/slogans/mottos

      - Product/service descriptions

      - Poetry/comedy/creative

✪ Specific client avatar

✪ Valuable feedback after performing for a live audience.

✪ The confidence and conviction to walk into a room and speak volumes without having to say a word.

1. We hold an onboarding discussion to determine precise milestones and goals for working together.

2. We review your brand elements and ensure all aspects are clear enough to create a powerful message.

3. Presentation work begins to position you as the authority in your space.

4. Copywriting elements are produced on schedule and submitted for approval.

5. We put you in front of a live audience for a couple of practice runs.

6. We smile at success and celebrate your future.


Approximate duration: 6-12 weeks

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If only we weren't brought up to hate it so much (whoops, topic for another time!)

Money is nothing more than a means of transferring value. You create value, money is your temporary reward for that value. Why temporary? Because it is designed to be spent on something you want or need. Money is never the end goal, rather the tool to get you there.

Now that you AND the world is clear on exactly why you exist, it's time to create monetizeable ways to bring your genius to market and leverage any and all resources to maximize the ROI.

Our focus is on building assets. Assets are those things that make money or appreciate in value (like you!) As long as these assets are consistent and in alignment with your brand, you can have as many streams of revenue as you wish.

This option is for those folks that need to perform a set of actionable steps and develop a list of solid assets to get to the first or next level of their business.

The Results

The Process

Your Investment

✪ 60-minute pitch / keynote / educational presentation/webinar designed to add value and create new clients.

✪ A hyper-specific plan to achieve any one business goal using the Goal Crushing Method.

✪ Ad Copywriting (up to 15 hours)

- Brochures/flyers

  - Social Media Ads

      - Marketing emails

      - Phone/VM scripts


✪ Marketing campaign ideation and high-level development.

✪ Professional sales coaching from inviting to presenting to overcoming objections to closing. (up to 10 hours)

✪ The first-hand knowledge that what you are doing is monetarily sustainable and legacy-worthy profitable.

1. We hold an onboarding discussion (mini-audit) to determine precise milestones and goals.

2. We determine your one specific business goal and create the plan, including and beyond our work together

3. Presentation work begins to create a signature learning event that provides so much value, people want to respond in kind.

4. Copywriting elements are produced on schedule and submitted for approval.

5. We develop the assets required to help you close the sale (=help others make the best choice for themselves and their families.)

6. We smile at success and celebrate your future.


Approximate duration: 6-12 weeks

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Were you ever told, like me, that you can either have a great business OR a great home life, but not both? Or perhaps that you can either love what you do OR make lots of money?


Your personal brand is the unique approach based on the concept that life and business are inextricably linked. They cannot be separated, nor should they be.

Personal Brand Clarity


We are professional storytellers.

We tell your story like nobody else. They say 93% of communication is non-verbal. That's true, and that 7% verbal better be stellar.

We combine movie-quality videography with professional messaging and scripting to help you connect with your clients emotionally, spiritually, and mentally so that they're thirsty to learn more and eager to take action.

Virtual Agent Brand


  • Share your story with the world
  • Show your professionalism with 4k video and superb audio.
  • Exact video editing to capture and keep attention.
  • Professional scripting to bring out the authentic you.
  • Create a masterful first "virtual" impression.
  • Hassle-free - we come to you.
  • Create the clarity around your own identity - from passions to talents.
  • Professional pitch to presentation work including how to deliver with impact.
  • Position yourself as the expert in your field.
  • Top level sales coaching from closing to overcoming objections.
  • High Strategy development to incorporate every aspect of your new brand into your business.

Actualization Coaching

Dreams don't come true. Goals do.

It's true. And it's one of the top reasons why 92% of us never hit our goals.

What is actualization anyways?

It is the intentional process of taking a thought (dream, idea, etc.) and turning it into reality. And no matter how much you wish things to go your way, only those with enough drive to create the right plan, execute it in the right way, and have the mental toughness to never quit will experience the finish line.

  • Learn how to crush any goal (physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally)
  • Have the deep accountability that is the foundation of achievement.
  • Wake up without a doubt in mind about why you did and the excitement to do what must be done to win the day.
  • Unleash the mental toughness that's been caged most of your life so that you can become relentless in what matters.
  • Expect success. A personal standard what will never let you down.

à La Carte

What can I say?

I can tell you about my punchy style of messaging with wit and high humor.

I can be open about being ESL (first language is sarcasm) even though I have a resplendent command of the English language while being fluent in corporate, entrepreneurship, politics, leadership, eloquence, and 32 other nouns and adjectives.

I can even impress you with a ridiculous amount of emotional and creative intelligence.

But I'd rather show you.

Find my portfolio here.

  • Copywriting - persuasive and influential.
  • Wordsmything and rhyming.
  • Taglines, slogans, campaigns.
  • Killer presentations and perfect pitches - 6 sec to 6 hours
  • High Strategy - mission, vision, customer journey, focused avatar, brand adherence.
  • Comedy (not the funny kind.)
  • Keynote Talks (Download speaker sheet)

I know for a fact that the results we will get are going to be so powerful, that there will be no going back to the old you or the old business model.

However, if you become the first one to prove me wrong, I'm happy to refund your money in full and without delay (and it still wouldn't have been a waste of our time.)

Which is the best fit for you?

PayPal, Venmo, Credit Cards accepted.

à La Carte

Mix and Match and I will supply a custom proposal.



Maybe you feel that you're not ready to discover, articulate, and monetize your authentic personal brand.

Okay, that's fine. I'm still not going to leave you without any hope. Here are a couple of other options to work with me.

Remember, my vision is a universal natural economic system of personal free trade that necessarily eliminates poverty and suffering through assured abundance, endless empathy, and the eradication of harmful ignorance.

What the heck does that mean?

It means we need you to become the person you were meant to become and share your gift with the world. That's all. Simple, right? Indeed. But not easy. Let me help.

I need a rat race escape plan.

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I'm overworked, underpaid, and stressed out, wondering where along the way things went wrong. I must find a way to realize my own worth, raise my identity, and restart my life the right way in order to escape the endless, pointless, self-defeating cycle of my physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental rat race.

I am great at setting goals (I think) but I've never been able to accomplish them, especially the important ones. I need coach who can help me break the cycle of letting myself down and help me finally achieve something worthwhile so that I may experience the success that comes from forgetting how to fail.

I need to crush a goal...now.

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