"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." - Voltaire

Who Is JZ?

The escape was inevitable. The hurdles were avoidable.

Yes, I escaped. Even though the gray walls of the corporate cubicle could no longer keep me seated and rooted in a 20-year engineering career, I was indeed that shy, introverted, negative, skeptical person fit for my position. After all, I was raised to be the good soldier and do what I was told to do. Why not? Isn’t that the definition of “success”?

And that’s what I did until one day everything I thought was right…well, wasn’t so right. I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be, wealthy as I needed to be, and I sure as heck wasn’t free. That’s when I discovered that while I was raised to obey, I was born for greatness. We all were.

This is where my real journey began. One that would take me through multiple businesses, franchises, successes, and failures as I tried to dislodge and forget everything I was ever told about business and wealth. My employee mindset had to go and, in its place, had to be the one nature intended: Abundance.

It wasn’t easy, but today I find myself at the intersection of purpose, genius, happiness, and wealth. It’s a lonely place with infinite dimension, only accessible through a strong identity and mental toughness.

All of this is why I’m on a mission to help other solopreneurs to discover, articulate, and monetize their authentic personal brand. In a society where we either win together or lose together, their failure can no longer be our option.

Getting paid for simply being you, because you share your genius for the benefit of others, should not be a strange concept. It should feel like the most natural thing in the world. Because it is.

Meet you at the top.

Raise the ROI on each and every conversation for confused and struggling solopreneurs by discovering, articulating, and monetizing their authentic personal brand.


A world of personal free trade where each person does what they do best, shares it abundantly, and necessarily eliminates the scarcity of hunger, homelessness, hate, and anything that doesn't flow from love.


To unleash personal genius and authenticity on the business world so we can advance humanity in a profitable way.


I believe in Personal Free Trade - the idea that if we all used our own genius to bring value to the world, we'd create too much abundance for scarcity to exist. And without scarcity, we can't have hunger, cancer, violence, the other unnatural stresses that plague us .

I believe that business and life shouldn't be separate. This is based on the concept that everything is monetizable. This means that we should never start with money, rather our personal passions, talents, skills, and genius when entering the business world.

I believe that we should get paid for simply being ourselves. We were all born for greatness, but taught to lower our minds, slow down our pace, and not make noise. This left us no choice but to spend our lives searching out paychecks in order to survive.

This is why I care.

We are in this together. We will all win or we will all lose (long-term.) I don't plan on losing.

What I Believe

☺ Ideation and Inspiration with each conversation, opening doors you never knew existed.

☺ A "What's Next?" attitude that refuses to let you get stuck in the past at the expense of your future.

☺ Accountability that goes both ways. We each are expected to do what we say we will do.

☺ A cheerleader chock full of wisdom, mental toughness, and empathy to pour belief into you when you need it most.

☺ Unbound patience while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency for results.

☺ You will leave each conversation operating at a higher level of energy, focus, and expectation.

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